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If you have missing teeth, you are likely eager to replace them and restore your speaking, chewing, and smiling capabilities. At Belle Rive Dental Clinic, we offer our patients options for full and partial dentures as an effective and affordable tooth replacement option.

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Partial vs. Complete Dentures

There are two main kinds of dentures: partial and complete dentures. If you are missing multiple teeth but still have a decent amount of healthy teeth in your mouth, then our dentist may suggest partial dentures as a way to restore your smile. Partial dentures are made to fit around your natural teeth and blend in perfectly with your smile.

If you have lost almost all of your teeth, you may choose to get your remaining teeth extracted and become a viable candidate for complete dentures in Edmonton. These can either be placed immediately after your teeth have been removed, or they can be placed in a couple of weeks, depending on the circumstances.

What Benefits Do Dentures Offer?

The biggest benefit that dentures provide is a brand-new smile that you can confidently share with others. Some other benefits that come with dentures include:

  • Boosted confidence
  • Improved speaking and chewing capabilities
  • The ability to enjoy delicious foods
  • Support for your facial structure
  • Enhanced smile

How To Look After Dentures

It is important for you to take excellent care of your dentures so that you can get the most out of your investment. While dentures are durable, they do not have the same level of strength that your natural teeth do, so remember to handle them with care. Additionally, you should:

  • Remove your dentures while you sleep
  • Rinse your dentures after each meal
  • Store your dentures in a dry, clean container when not in use
  • Clean your dentures every day using a denture brush and toothpaste

Interested in Dentures Near You?

At Belle Rive Dental Clinic, we are happy to provide our patients with options for partial and complete dentures in Edmonton to enhance their quality of life. Please do not hesitate to contact our team to book a consultation today!