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Extractions & Oral Surgery in Edmonton, AB

Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth (also known as third molars) are the last teeth to erupt. Wisdom teeth may become a problem as they grow and develop in each corner of your mouth and can sometimes crowd already present teeth. Problems often develop gradually since development normally spans several years. Nevertheless, these gradual changes can cause sudden and severe pain. The jawbone grows to approximately its adult size in your late teens; unfortunately, the size is often too small to hold wisdom teeth. When there is not enough room for your wisdom teeth, they may become impacted, or partially trapped in the jawbone or gums. The top of the tooth may erupt or just break through the gum, or it may remain completely within the bone. The roots can grow in unusual directions and may cause a variety of problems in your mouth.

X-Ray & Examination

The primary preventive measure for wisdom teeth is removal, but not everyone has problems with their wisdom teeth. The best approach is a dental X-ray and examination with 1 of our dentists. We do all we can to make tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal as painless and comfortable as possible. If wisdom teeth are causing problems for you, contact our office for an appointment and evaluation.