Family Dentistry

Your One-Stop Family Dentist in Edmonton

Belle Rive Dental Clinic makes it easy to choose a dentist for your whole family. Whether you need a regular checkup or dental work, or if you have a dental emergency, we provide the highest standard of care in a friendly environment that is reassuring to children, teens, and adults.

Dentistry for Children

When you bring your children to our Edmonton family dentists’ clinic from an early age, you are teaching them that having their teeth checked is nothing to be feared.

We help you give your children a good start in oral health by providing:

  • Comfortable surroundings
  • Age-appropriate care
  • Dental health education
  • Preventive dentistry (dental sealants, cleanings, extractions for later orthodontic work)
  • Restorative care (fillings, root canals and more)

Dental care for teenagers

The teenage years are rarely easy and it can be even worse when a teen’s teeth are the source of embarrassment because they are discolored, chipped, crooked or full of cavities.

We take the concerns of our teenaged patients seriously and offer services that are specifically designed to meet their needs

Dental services for adults

When life gets busy, dental hygiene can sometimes fall by the wayside. We will help you get back on track with dental services that are tailored for adults.

Contact your family dentist at Edmonton’s Belle Rive Dental Clinic to make an appointment for everybody in your family, from toddlers to seniors. We will make your smiles get even brighter!

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