Dental Problems

Dental Problems

Most people experience at least one dental problem during their lives. In fact, tooth decay is one of the most common diseases in children and adults. Regardless of statistics, we can see why you’d be concerned — dental problems can cause discomfort and even affect your overall health! Of course, only a dentist can diagnose your dental problem. But if you’re suffering from dental implant problems, problems with dental crowns, a broken tooth or cavities, we’ll help you understand the signs and symptoms most dental problems cause.

Dental problems include everything from halitosis and cold sores to TMJ and bleeding gums. Some dental problems cause pain; others may be more of an annoyance. Learning the signs and symptoms of your dental problem can help you get care before things get too painful or serious. If you think you’ve got a dental problem, talk to a dentist today. A great dentist can correct tooth discoloration, problems with dental caps and more.

Sometimes dental problems arise from an existing or new dental treatment. Dental implants are a common replacement for missing teeth; dental implants problems may develop if your gums reject the implant and can’t support the replacement tooth. Other dental implant problems include infection at the implant site and stiffness of jaw muscles. Problems with dental crowns can be another source of discomfort. A dental crown can crack, break — even fall out completely. Each of these dental problems should be treated by a dentist as soon as possible.

If you’ve got dental implants problems, problems with dental crowns or any other type of dental problem, don’t let fear of the dentist keep you from seeking care. Modern technology like CEREC® lets dentists offer quicker, more comfortable care for problems with dental crowns than in the past. And a diode laser can be used to perform a root canal without a drill! Combined with sedation methods such as nitrous oxide and oral sedation, dentists can provide care for dental problems in a relaxed, pain-free way. Ask your dentist how your dental problem can be fixed with as little discomfort as possible.

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