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Emergency Dental Services in Edmonton, AB
Get Fast Relief
When an unexpected dental emergency strikes, you need relief fast and Belle Rive Dental Clinic is here to help. Common dental emergencies such as a cracked or broken tooth or an abscess on your gum can be very painful, but pain is not the only indicator of the need for emergency action. For example, a loose crown may not cause physical discomfort, but it should be re-cemented as soon as possible to prevent adjacent teeth from drifting. Likewise, a broken tooth might or might not be painful, but most people want it fixed as soon as possible.

Treatment Options
Treatment of a dental emergency varies, depending on the specific underlying condition. Inflammation and infection can usually be alleviated with the use of antibiotics and pain relievers, while a broken or chipped tooth might require a filling, a veneer or a crown. Your Edmonton dentist will work with you to devise an appropriate treatment plan that will restore you to full function and comfort.

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